sustainable and natural wall cladding

Wood is one of the oldest and most used materials of mankind. Regardless of using wood for a table, floor or a wall or even as firewood: wood is versatile and therefore omnipresent.

Wooden wall coverings should be something new for your home. Every wall turns into a unique piece of art, your piece of art! Every piece of pure wood has its own surface, coloration and design which can not be replicated. Bringing this natural taste back in our all homes is one of our goals.

The wood paneling find it's way into the interior design. Either in restaurants, bars, hotels, beauty parlors, wellness areas, offices or private areas.

In everything we do we keep the nature in our mind. Therefore we are producing all panels on our own and in a very sustainable way. We do not use any constructional timber for our wall claddings. We only use the most outer parts of the trunk.

We are producing products for everyone. Easy to install and unique in its design. But we are also provide specialized solutions for bigger projects with 100 m² and more. With exclusive and customized parts to let the architects and designers make an individual statement within their projects.

Make your wall unique.

natural interior design built to impress

Model Memory on a Wall with a Bull Head out of Metal and real Leather in an interior shop

Variety of Woods

Memory - Wall Cladding made of peeled Wood


To produce the unique Memory Wall Cladding, the bark is slightly peeled off the wood. The combination of different trees creates a unique pattern.

Gently - Wall Cladding made of splitted Wood


The Gentle panels consist of splitted pieces of wood in different lenghts. The Wall appears in a gentle wooden tone, because there are no repetitions.

Cuts - Wall Cladding made of sliced Wood


Every single piece of wood within the Cuts Panel gets splitted and carved by hand. That is what makes this Wall Caldding so special.

Invi - Wall Cladding made of a rustic mixture of Wood


Since our production is very sustainable, Invi is made out of the pieces left from the other products. It is a mixture of splitted, carved and peeled wood.

Blocks - Mix of rectangles and squares for your home


The variety of Blocks are countless. They are either in the same alignment, shifted or have a different size or color. Especially Golden Cuts is very unique.

Slices - Round Wood Slices gives a truly natural feeling


Slices are pure wood in different size, mounted on the wall or a base plate. Gaps are desireable in this case, but it is possible to fill them with Moss.

Invi - Wall Cladding made of a rustic mixture of Wood


The extraordinary design of the Fields panel derives from the composition of the differntly sized boxes of different size. Even integrated shelves are possible.


Shipping Unit: 8 Pcs.
Area per Shipping Unit: Standard: 0.92m² Flats: 1.32m²
Variety of Wood: Oak, Walnut, Ash, Beech, Fir
Treatment: natural und untreated wood (only thermic treated); colored; oiled, aged;
Panel Size: Standard: 115 cm x 10 cm; Flats: 115 cm x 15 cm
Thickness: 1,0 – 3,5 cm
Weight per m²: 12 kg - 14 kg

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make your wall unique

Model Gently on a Wall in a dining room with the kitchen in the background




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